FillPak has 5 packing lines that include:

  • Leepack 8 station Rotary preformed pouch machine
  • Hassia-Redatron Flexibag 250 form fill bag maker
  • Ilapak Vegatronic form fill bag maker
  • Ishida 12 head computerised weigh station
  • TNA Robag form fill bag maker
  • Yamato 8 head Multihead weigher with memory buckets
  • Astro 3 head linear weigher
  • Custom head linear weigher
  • Rovema 8 cup volumetric filler
  • 2  Custom auger filling systems
  • Heat and Control bucket elevator


The types of products that we currently pack are:

Raisins, Prunes, Dates, Sugar, Salt, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Cranberries, Billtong, Apricots and many more products

We can run up to 5 packing lines at one time utilising a flexible, well trained workforce and technology to suit the job’s requirements.